If you are the android user then you must be seen Android System Webview App on your Android smartphone or Tab. Do you know what is System Webview and Why this app is Pre-installed on every android device?

Today in this article I will explain everything about the Android Webview App

What is Android System Webview?

Android System Webview is a system component developed for Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content like a web browser. Android Webview allows apps to show web content in an in-app.

A view that displays web pages is Known as Android System Webview.

Example: If you make Android Web View App From Android Studio, you can open that website in your application directly, without type website URL in your browser.

Can you uninstall Android System Webview App?

No, It’s not Possible to uninstall Android Webview App from Android Device because this app allows showing web app content that is developed by chrome browser. You can disable this app for temporary, not permanent.

What happens when you disable Android System Webview App?

When you disable Webview App you can see you all app data will be reset. When you open facebook or twitter or any web app you can see everywhere you logged out. At this time in Android Oreo Doesn’t have Disable Option because Android System Web View is mandatory for android device.

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When you completely read this article you understand about webview app and why do not disable this app on the android device.

At last, I recommend everyone to please do not disable webview app on your device because it may cause your app is not running

If you have any questions or queries about Webview app then please drop your comment in comment box.