Is your Smartphone Lagging when you play PUBG mobile. Don’t worry today in this article i will show you Advanced Tactics to Pubg Lag Fix. So lets dive in this tutorail and bye-bye lag again from device.

PUBG Mobile is one of the Best and Trending game for smartphone. But the main Problem of PUBG mobile is lag, If your device have low specifications then you also fased lagging issue. First I prefer you to check this basic guide for Optimise your android device for run PUBG Smoothly.

Here is the Basic Steps you can follow to PUBG Lag fix:

1. Update Android Device

The First Tips I have for you is Update Android Device, If your Android Version is old then your device run like choppy in big files. So, I prefer you to first Update your android version (if an update available).

2. Use Android Cleaner

The Second Tips i have for you is use android cleaner to clear cache and cookies, remove junk data and duplicate file that speed up your device. I prefer you to use any android cleaner.

3. Reduce Frame Rate

The Third Tips i have for you is Reduce Frame Rate of PUBG Mobile. Frame Rate takes more CPU and RAM in Device, So if you reduce frame rate of PUBG mobile then your PUBG run Freely.

4. Graphics

The Fourth Tips i have for you is Reduce graphics of PUBG Mobile if your Pubg mobile is lagging, then reduce graphics to fix lag.

5. Enable Auto Adjust Graphics

The Fifth Tips i have for you is if your device is low FPS then i prefer you to Enable Auto Adjust Graphics.


If you apply all four tips in your android device then your pubg is running smoothly. So the next pro of PUBG mobile is you.