If you want to Publish App in 9Apps then this article is especially for you because in this article i will show you how to publish application in 9Apps

Today in this article about How to publish an android application in 9Apps

So let’s Get Started:

  • First Open  your Browser and type “Upload Apps On 9 Apps” or  go to this link
  • You can see the 9 apps upload page like this:
  • Now you need to fill contact information Fill information Carefully.

Contact Information

  1. Email address – Enter your Google Email Address (…@gmail.com)
  2. Identity – Individual (only one worker)                                                                            Company (more than one workers)
  3. Developer Name – Enter Your Name or your community name.
  4. Google Play Link – If you published your app in the play store just give your link. If you are not published your app in play store Just live blank.
  5. Country Of your Location – Choose your country.
  6. Contact Address – Fill your local or business address
  7. Contact Name – Enter your Name or an app developer name
  8. Phone Number – Enter your mobile number or an app developer mobile number.

Upload Your Application” 9apps”

Drop apk file here or click here to upload it means to find your app and upload in 9 apps server you have two options to upload apk First Drag and drop and second Find in your directories.

How to Publish Android Application in 9apps

Upload Your Materials

Pack app materials into a zip file.
Drop zip file here or click here to upload It means  Upload your zip file or project file in 9apps material section.

How to Publish Android Application in 9apps

If you don’t know how to get Zip file of any apk Just watch this video. Now Press Submit Button and wait it takes 12-24 hours  after successful upload  you will get an email from 9 apps in under 24 hours.”9apps”

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If you follow the step by step process then you definitely publish your application in 9Apps. If you have any queries or problem Please comment in my post.